• Tuesday , 18 December 2018

New StructureSynth to Luxrender Exporter v.02…Now Available

Code Canyon

Here it is version .02

New in this release:

  • Added Section Commenting
  • made all trianglemeshes Wald
  • Redesigned materials now using this syntax: shape::material
  • added material car paint – box::car, sphere::car
  • added material glass – box::glass, sphere::glass

In SS, when you specify a primitive you need to use the syntax above, stating the material to use:

car paint


Settings for car paint

MakeNamedMaterial  "shader{uid}" 
			"color Kd" [{r} {g} {b}] 
			"color Ks1" [0.05000000 0.05000000 0.05000000]
			#"color Ks2" [0.07000000 0.07000000 0.07000000]
			#"color Ks3" [0.04000000 0.04000000 0.04000000]
			"float M1" [0.020000000000000]
			#"float M2" [0.100000001490116]
			#"float M3" [0.014999999664724]
			"float R1" [0.025000000000000]
			#"float R2" [0.899999976158142]
			#"float R3" [0.699999988079071]
			"string type" ["carpaint"]
			NamedMaterial "shader{uid}"

Settings for glass

MakeNamedMaterial  "shader{uid}" 
			"bool architectural" ["false"]
			"float cauchyb" [0.000000000000000]
			"float film" [0.000000000000000]
			"float filmindex" [1.333299994468689]
			"float index" [1.519999980926514]
			"color Kr" [{r} {g} {b}]
			"color Kt" [{r} {g} {b}]
			"string type" ["glass"]
			NamedMaterial "shader{uid}"

Also, keep in mind that with a black background the glass mat isn’t going to be all that great. Anyway let me kow what you think.

Next up, better lighting support and more mats and maybe a more primatives

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