1. Blender Low-Poly Human Model [BEGINNER FRIENDLY] — Setting Up


EDIT: IF YOU FIND THIS TUTORIAL TOO FAST TO FOLLOW, PLEASE WATCH THIS!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2bIhhxW2p8&index=2&list=PLhEFRhEnz05vp8OZu5-5o6VO0fP2Wx_gS — I made this to hopefully help some of those who found this one confusing!

In this series I’m going to be taking you step-by-step into my process of creating a low-poly human model, with clothing and accessories. I know Blender has a confusing interface, and I struggled for a while trying to find a process that worked for me… So I thought I’d help you guys out.

In this specific video, we’ll be learning how to set up the beginning of the mesh. I use this set-up for all my models.

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Here’s the file image, by popular request. Good luck!
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