10 Celebrity Photoshop Mistakes That Are So Cringe


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In 2019, it seems that things are becoming more advanced than ever before. Technology has progressed to the point that we can make realistic dinosaurs, aliens, monsters, and other-worldly planets purely out of CGI. We carry around powerful computers in our pockets because of how advanced the smartphone is now. Shooting video or photos, editing, and posting can be done all in one place. In an ever-more connected world, technology is only getting better and better. Even Photoshop and editing has gotten almost undetectable! But people have also gotten better at spotting editing mistakes and Photoshop clues. Celebrities are almost always the ones scrutinized the most for their edited photos. Let’s take a look back at some of the most cringe Photoshop mistakes. From the Kardashians to even the stunning Brad Pitt and Lupita Nyong’O, it seems that no one is safe from Photoshop fails. Check out the video to see them all, and make sure you’re following the Trendy for more!

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