10-Step GUIDE: Blend Images and Create Composites with Photoshop


Learn how to create composite images and explore photo manipulation in Photoshop by using these 10 steps that will get you on track creating great composites of your own! We will cover lighting, color, shadows, perspective, and much, much more in this Photoshop tutorial.

Astronaut: https://stock.adobe.com/images/astronaut-on-white-mixed-media/220622349
City: https://stock.adobe.com/images/belgium-historic-city-ghent-at-sunset/305413705
Red Rock Desert: https://stock.adobe.com/images/american-wild-nature/209714354
Rusting Car: https://stock.adobe.com/images/desert-relic-old-car-rusting-away-in-the-desert/125056458


00:00 Intro
01:13 I Find Similar Images
03:10 II Extract the Object
05:35 III Direction of Light
07:26 IV Perspective
14:09 V Light and Contrast
17:01 VI Saturation Adjustments
20:46 VII Matching Colors
27:08 VIII Shadows and Absorbed Light
48:56 IX More Edge Lighting and Tweaks
52:16 X Sharpening, Grain, and Grading


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  1. hands down one of thee best teachers and compositing tutorials i have watched. its not always about what and how to but why you made the creative and technical choices. very informative

  2. I have been doing this for a long time and I still learned a ton, great video and thank you! One thing… The sun is larger than the earth, obviously your technique is still great but the concept would be correct if the larger circle was the sun. This is why your shadow looked too big from your guidelines. Not to correct a pro, just an FYI.

  3. I started watching your videos years ago when I first got curious about graphic design. Today, I work as a designer in an incredible agency and made a career out of it. You're a big part of my success in this field, so thank you!

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