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10 Ways To Earn A Living Online

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The most important thing you need to succeed online is motivation. It’s so easy to get distracted from your aims and start surfing, or checking your email ten times a day instead of doing the stuff that matters. Below I’ve listed 10 Ways To Earn A Living Online – above all stay motivated.

1. Sell your own items on eBay via regular 2-10 day auctions. If you need to clear out some closet space or just want to earn some extra money, selling your old clothes, knick knacks, collectibles or craft creations is a terrific idea.

2. Become an eBay Trading Assistant and sell other people’s items in exchange for a commission. You can always find individuals who either don’t own a computer or simply don’t have the time or want to bother with internet auctions. However, they may just be looking for someone to handle the aspect of selling their items in exchange for a fee. If you are an eBay seller, you can sign up to be an eBay Trading Assistant or ask friends and family if they have anything they would like for you to try and sell for them. In exchange for this service, you would charge a fee and earn money for basically helping to sell other people’s merchandise. This is a great way to earn money and also drive additional customers to your own auctions.

3. Start your own website and sell items via a dropshipper. A dropshipper is a company who inventories a large variety of products and offers them to resellers at a discount price. As the middleman, you would price the items at a fair markup, collect the payment from customers and then pay the dropshipper their requested wholesale price. The dropshipper would then ship the product, directly from their warehouse, to your customer. You have no inventory or shipping costs to worry about.

4. Schedule in home parties and order from wholesalers, distributors and dropshippers. In home parties are very popular. They involve inviting friends, family and other guests to an evening get together where you would provide samples, take product orders and offer snacks and refreshments.

5. Operate a turnkey casino website. Casinos are one of the largest revenue generating opportunities on the internet. As a turnkey owner, you are simply acting as an affiliate and have no special licenses to acquire or permits to obtain. You are assigned a website address, which you promote online. For every customer that signs up and participates, you earn a commission based on their plays.

6. Purchase items from online distributors and resell them online via your website or eBay auctions. Buying wholesale products are the best way to increase your profit potential. Often, wholesalers, distributors or even manufacturers offer discount pricing for quantity purchases.

7. Open an eBay storefront and increase your online auction sales. By opening an eBay store, you will be able to list more auctions at a lesser price. Storefront owners receive discounted listings, along with the ability to list items for up to 30 days.

8. Sell a service on eBay, such as writing, website design, freelance photography or editing. If you offer a service, all of your income will be profit. Perhaps you would offer to take photos for a publication, website or edit a manuscript. By listing an auction for your services, you will allow others to compete for your business.

9. Sign up as an affiliate for internet companies, including wholesalers, dropshippers or distributors. By signing up as an affiliate, you will be directing customers to purchase items in exchange for a commission. Many large companies, such as dropshippers, wholesalers and turnkey operations offer affiliate programs.

10. Promote your business with press releases, article marketing and link exchanges. The more promotion you generate for your business, the better your chances of increasing sales and profit. There are many opportunities to promote your business, for free, on the internet.

Source by Mark Kenny

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