11 Shortcuts to Remove Background in One Click! – Photoshop Tutorial


Discover Photoshop’s hidden shortcuts to easily remove the background with one click or one keystroke! We will also learn how to batch-process and remove the background from multiple images. Using the power of Color Range, Blend Modes, and Select Subject, we will create multiple Photoshop actions to target the background in each scenario. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching πŸ™‚

00:00 What We’ll Learn
00:58 Why Use Photoshop?
01:24 The Easiest Shortcut
02:33 Create Keyboard Shortcuts
03:02 Important Downloads and Announcements
03:19 The Concept of All Techniques
04:56 For Regular Images
08:50 Removing Halos
09:54 Color Separation
15:50 Contrast Separation
19:36 Extract Shadows
20:20 Batch Processing
23:50 Conclusion

1. Creating Actions in Photoshop: https://adobe.ly/3KZbWjs
2. Droplets and Batch Processing: http://bit.ly/3Ky1Y7e
3. Making Quick Selection to Remove Background: http://bit.ly/3KyxRfK

β–Ί TRY PHOTOSHOP FOR FREE: http://bit.ly/3muUGce

β–Ί SHARE: https://goo.gl/IUhnUl

1. Sample Images: https://bit.ly/42HIe8x
2. Background Removal Action: https://bit.ly/42omX3M

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  1. Photoshop is watching PiXimperfect for learning what it can do. πŸ€— – I’m using Photoshop since decades, but always find some new inspiration here. – Even I’m quite experienced, the pace of the video is at warp speed also to me and I barely can’t keep up. I didn’t yet take a sneak peek of learnphotodhopforfree or the related beginners lessons on YouTube, but I assume (hope it for the beginners) the pace there is more beginners compliant. πŸ˜…

  2. Thank you for providing this free action. Unfortunately, I've installed in on two computers and the action doesn't display inside of Photoshop 24.4.1 I restarted and when I open the actions in Photoshop it's not there. Both computers are MacOS 13.01 Please help. Thank you.

  3. Unmesh Sir, I've a question related to menu bar is there any setting which I've messed up because when hovering mouse over any option or tools given in menu bar a drop-down menu used to appear automatically but now i have to click on the tool or option to open the drop-down menu like for filters, windows etc.
    Any suggestions?
    Sorry about my English.

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