2: Which Tools to Use When Developing JavaScript | JavaScript Tutorial | JavaScript Programming

Which Tools to Use When Developing JavaScript | JavaScript Tutorial | JavaScript Programming. In this JavaScript tutorial you will learn which tools to use for developing JavaScript. We will look at different text editors to use for JavaScript programming, and we will look at which browser to use.

Link to Atom: https://atom.io/
Link to Sublime Text: https://www.sublimetext.com/
Link to VSCode: https://code.visualstudio.com/


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35 responses to “2: Which Tools to Use When Developing JavaScript | JavaScript Tutorial | JavaScript Programming”

  1. Hi!
    How do you set a Google Chrome to be a default browser for Atom? Because right now the default browser option for Atom is Explorer.

    Setting the default browser as Chrome in Microsoft options' panel doesn't help.

  2. I recommend Atom, I started coding like 3 weeks ago and I started with sublime although I felt like Atom was better because of all the packages you can install, for example Atokm-beautifier and plenty more, I also recommend watching Travis media's video on Atom extensions you should install:)

  3. This guy is good. He is a very smart and intelligent individual, not full of himself to the point where he purposely thinks like a noob in order to get his explanations across as understandable to actual noobs. Cheers 😊

  4. Some of these I've learned aren't available for Chromebooks. A decent one I found that works really well that's compatible is called CodePad. It's free, no ads, very simplistic and has syntax checkers and color schemes. It doesn't check all the errors in it, but chromes dev tool actually does a really good job at telling me what line of text has an error. (But it doesn't tell me what caused the error to initialize in the first place, so I'm always searching for hours on end to find maybe one bracket in 300+ lines of text just to get it working.)

  5. As a Mozilla fanboy, it kind of disgusts me that you have Edge in your taskbar and no Firefox or Waterfox.. :p
    Also, you might have had this suggestion before, but I would love to see you make tutorials on how to set up and use Git.

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