(2012) Blender Absolute Beginner Tutorial: Ep. 12


Episode 12: A brief introduction to armature/rigging, replete with my mistakes (sorry).

Simple Person model:

Episode 13: Sculpting

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro WikiBook

Blender Version 2.62

Filler Music Attribution (creative commons):
Greg Baumont – “No Ideas (yet another bass loop stuff)”


25 responses to “(2012) Blender Absolute Beginner Tutorial: Ep. 12”

  1. Jacob, Awesome tutorials dude. Gotta give you KUDDOs. Well defined instruction, good quality video, and clear audio. Haven't seen a well made video here in some time. Either their mic is messed up, video is choppy, or they can't explain nothing, lol. So KUDDOs dude. I look forward to more tutorials from you. Definitely Subscribed,Liked, and Shared. Great Job.

  2. thanks for all your tutorials, they re totally awesome, saved me a whole lot of time trying to figure out how to run the basics for this program from all the other tutorials that are around . so thanks a lot, i subscribed to hopefully see more soon

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