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$29 C-Stand with Boom Arm: Mistake or Best Deal Ever? |
  • Tuesday , 26 January 2021

$29 C-Stand with Boom Arm: Mistake or Best Deal Ever?

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Amazon has listed a Neewer C-Stand with Boom Arm for just $29 and the question now is if Amazon made a pricing mistake. On other websites, it’s currently selling for up 5 times more and on Amazon itself, another Neewer C-stand is listed at $139.99.

If it’s a mistake, act quickly and you might get a great deal out of it! If its not a mistake and the product is in some way of lesser quality, would you still be satisfied with the purchase? Where is the line between budgetary restraints and quality sacrifices? Is a little saving now worth the possibility of having a deteriorating product or should aspiring artists tighten their belt when its for a quality product that will last them a while and contribute to better end results? 

I personally wanted to get one to try it out just because of the price but due to shipping, it seems that only photographers in the USA would be benefiting from this.
Let me know if you snag one, your thoughts on it and let’s hope it’s not a box of bricks.

As listed on the site, this is what the package includes:
1 x C Stand Base
1 x 10ft/305cm Center Stand Column
1 x 4ft/120cm Extension Arm
2 x Grip Head
1 x Sandbag with Hook

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