3 Fantastic Beauty Lighting Setups for Stunning Portraits

A beauty dish is one of the most popular lighting modifiers for portraits and for good reason, as it can create dramatic, contrasty images that instantly capture the viewer’s eye. This fantastic video tutorial will show you three lighting setups using a beauty dish and other modifiers that capture a range of moods.

Coming to you from Lindsay Adler Photography, this great video tutorial will show you three different lighting setups using beauty dishes for stunning portraits:

  • A light, high-key setup using three strobes: a beauty dish and two softboxes. This uses a strip box together with the beauty dish in a clamshell setup, while the larger softbox serves as both the white background and the rim light.
  • A warmer setup that is very flattering for hair and skin tones. Using a background that is matched to the subject’s skin tone, you then add two strobes, one in a white beauty dish as the key light and a second with a grid to light the background. 
  • A more dramatic setup using three or four strobes and a dark background for more drama. In this, a silver beauty dish adds more contrast, while two strip boxes act as rim lights. Finally, a reflector or fourth light serves to lighten the shadows under the chin.

All three of these setups are fantastic to have in your arsenal and will give you a wide range of moods and looks. Check out the video above for the full rundown and a lot of examples from Adler. 

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