3 Photoshop Tricks for FAST High-End Retouching!


Discover 3 Quick and Easy Photoshop Techniques for High-End Skin Retouching! In this tutorial, we will learn to make portrait retouching fast and simple using the new tools in Photoshop.
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Starting with using the incredible power of the Remove Tool, we will learn how to even out the skin and use a simple dodging and burning technique to even out the larger areas. Then, we will learn to use AI to automatically perform the entire retouching routine with a click! And finally, we will explore a modern way to do Frequency Separation. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

00:00 The New Ways!
01:54 Technique 1: Remove + Dodge and Burn
04:41 Technique 2: Advanced Plugins
10:08 Technique 3: Modern Frequency Separation
12:28 Quick Recap

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39 responses to “3 Photoshop Tricks for FAST High-End Retouching!”

  1. This is fantastic! I have been using the techniques I learned like 5 or 6 years ago, and didn't even think about combining the new AI tech with older techniques. It will make it sooooo much faster! Thanks as always for the best PS vids on the internet!!

  2. I was SO excited to get the plugins but they're all sold separately and also but pricy adding up all the plugins and with the 30% disccount it's a $903.00 investment. Unfourtunately to steep a price for me. But they seem really good.

  3. Hey @PiXimperfect, love your channel! Which 2-3 plugins from Retouch4me are the most important? I don't have the funds for all of them and was thinking about Dodge&Burn, Heal and Mattifier. I usually take portrets on street or events. I don't have a studio. Thanks!

  4. As seasoned amateur photographers who make art using their camera, we mustn't fall into the trap created by Puppet-Masters of pop-culture where skin imperfections are edited out and smoothed over; in doing so one is not creating a portrait, but rather a image for use in advertising. I seldom do any post-shoot editing. Unfortunately overwhelming majority of amateur photographers have been brainwashed into over using editing softwares.

  5. These are amazing tools but unfortunatily not everyone can afford their high prices even with the 30% off, how about offering all apps together in one bundle with 65% off on total price? many software companies do so.

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