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Hi coders, thanks for your love and support. Let’s continue our Python Flask Tutorial series with adding bootstrap, custom main css and main js file to make one step further into making a full-fledged CRUD website using Python Flask micro-web framework.

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Videos in Flask Tutorial Series:
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#2 – Layout & Website Structure in Flask App –

#3 – Adding Bootstrap, Custom CSS, JS in Flask App –

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#5 – Bootstrap 5 Cards in Flask App –

#6 – Creating Slider with Bootstrap 5 in Flask App –

#7 – Register & Login Page with Flask WTF –

#8 – Flask SQLAlchemy Tutorial – Creating Database in 3 Steps with SQLite – https://youtu.be/Glarn2Y4dj8

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#12 – Flask Forgot Password Setup – Create Itsdangerous Token in 3 Steps – https://youtu.be/zYWpEJAHvaI

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#15 Deploy Flask App to Heroku – Flask Tutorial Series – Gunicorn Server –

#16 Deploy Flask App to AWS –

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I hope that you’ve been loving this series so far because we are going to include several features regarding Flask and Python.
So, if you want to become a Python software developer and want to get a job in Software Development field then make sure to learn basics regarding web development and any Python developer will tell you to learn at least the basic web development framework for Python which are Flask and Django.
Currently, this series is strictly focused on Flask, but I’ll be making more videos regarding web development in Python, so make sure to Subscribe to Code Jana.
I’ll also try to improve the quality of future videos, so please do leave me your feedback in the comment section below.
Thanks for watching. Happy Coding. 🙂

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