3 Secrets To PERFECT Skin Tones! (Photoshop Tutorial)


Learn the 3 Photoshop secrets to creating PERFECT skin tones for your portrait photos!

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Secret #1: Shadow/Exposure Recovery
3:39 Secret #2: Selective Coloring
5:32 Secret #3: Enhance & Perfect!

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23 responses to “3 Secrets To PERFECT Skin Tones! (Photoshop Tutorial)”

  1. Sorry but this video isn't incredibly helpful.

    There's no explanation as to how you arrived at the specific values that you used to retouch the skin. Did you just wing it until it looked right or was there a more comprehensive approach?

    If it is the former, then no one who had to apply these techniques would arrive at a consistent result.

  2. so…just use a white reflector or golden and don't spend time doing this, than her blouse now have two colors, color bending on her shoulder and cheeks, she doesn't have now natural make-up as intended by her…more easily use a radial filter on her face and than work on red and yellows… sorry but this is a no go for me, orange spots with white spots…

  3. Hi Justin, I'm so glad found this channel, my current job is involved in skin retouching in the aesthetics clinic and this is so helping me out to improve my capacity for retouching. Thank you :).

    Please consider uploading your video weekly, because it's hugely helpful for many people. Can't wait for your next video

  4. I have been searching through YouTube for excellent tutorials for years. JL you are simple the best. Your work is exceptional. When I see video with JL, I go for it. You are impacting lives. Please, please, we need more.

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