3D Blood Splatter Tutorial Using Realflow and Maya


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3D Blood Splatter Tutorial Using Realflow and Maya

In this Realflow tutorial I show you how to create 3D blood splatter using Realflow and Maya. First we will create a 3D object in Maya then export that to Realflow. Once the fluid simulation is done, we will stitch the alembic ABC files so that we can use it in Maya. Then we will apply an Arnold material in Maya and we are ready to render our 3D blood splatter in Maya 2018.

Maya 2018: http://www.autodesk.com
Realflow 10: http://www.nextlimit.com/realflow

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  1. Why does it simulate so fast? Takes like forever for each frame to simulate for me… My Scene is same dimension as yours.. Even tried resolution of 1. I have an i7, so shouldn't be that slow actually.. Any idea?


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