3D Character Art for Games – Vol. 1 – 720P


* This series is applicable to all programs, but I demonstrate using: Zbrush, Maya, 3D Coat, Xnormal, Bodypaint, Photoshop, Toolbag

This is the first in my series of video tutorials about video game character art. This first video is FREE (over 1.5 hours!), and the others will be available for student-friendly prices at: http://cgcircuit.com

This video series is aimed at intermediate level artists who already have working knowledge of how to make 3d game models, but need guidance to obtain more professional results. Although some technical instruction is given, the main goal of this video series is to improve your work from an artistic stand point.

Vol. 1: Introduction & High Res Modeling Theory – ~1.5 hours – FREE!
Vol. 2: High Res Modeling Application – ~2 hours – $6.99 (includes base mesh)
Vol. 3: Low Polygon Modeling – 1+ hour – $6.99 (includes low polygon female model)
Vol. 4: UV Layout – 1+ hour – $6.99 (includes example scene)
Vol. 5: Baking Maps – almost 3 hours – $6.99
Vol. 6: Texturing & Shading – 5+ hours – $8.99 (includes posed Hella model and textures)

This first video is also available for free at CGCircuit where it is split into chapters for more convenient viewing: http://www.cgcircuit.com/course/3d-character-art-for-games

This is how all subsequent volumes will be formatted. Please note that this is the ONLY video from this series that I will be posting here on YouTube! Please visit http://cgcircuit.com for more.

If you like the video, please help spread the word and share it with anyone you think might be interested. I spent a lot of time and effort making these videos myself so I really hope you like them!

* CGCircuit is a new service that allows you to create and monetize your own tutorial videos via internet streaming.


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