3D Modeling in Maya // Robotic Muscles


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  1. i know probably a lot of people asked you this by know but is it posible to make a tutorial on how to use your same shortcuts and colors in Blender? I love how Maya looks wityh your UI customization but Blender has some free pluggins that I need for work and Maya dosen´t have it.

  2. I really get sad when you upload a new maya tutorial. I started learning c4d from your tutorials and they're the best tutorials on youtube, I've finished them and I really Hope you upload new c4d tutorials.btw If I use c4d, can I watch your maya tutorials to learn modeling techniques?

  3. I just started leaning Maya n u r the best, easy to understand, 17years working on flame I really enjoy working on Maya unlimited possibilities. I hv a request if u can explain Uv editor, Material n texture will be great. Thanks

  4. After watching ur tuts n videos I left my dream to become a modeler
    the way u r putting loops and readjusting the mesh always makes me worry that I cant do that !
    u truly are the greatest modeler

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