4 Steps To Make Your PHOTOS LOOK PERFECT! | Photoshop Tutorial


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After sharing my Lightroom Workflow, I decided it’s time to walk you through all the different steps I do within Photoshop in order to make my photos look perfect. In this tutorial I show you how to remove objects from your photos, warp shapes with Liquify, add lens flares and adjust brightnesses with dodge & burn. I developed this workflow over the last few years and hope that you can take something away from this!

0:00 Thanks For 200K!!!
1:08 My Photo Editing Workflow
2:43 Make Backups In Photoshop
3:09 Clean Up The Image
9:12 Warping Shapes With Liquify
11:53 Adding A Sun Flare
15:59 Dodge & Burn
19:20 Sponsor: Qnap NAS
22:01 Outro

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