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#40 How to use bump maps in Maya 2016

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In this part of my Maya 2016 tutorial for beginners I will show you how to add a bump map to an object. Bump maps are excellent for making objects look more detailed without having to add extra geometry.

Maya animation tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsPHRLf6UN4mgluozDErhTc8Z1qpCxqKF

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You will need a copy of Maya 2016 in order to complete this tutorial. Click here to learn how to download Maya 2016 for free – https://youtu.be/n_SjClie5bw

Click here for the full 2 hour tutorial as one video – https://youtu.be/tElsku3aKQI

Here is the link to my Maya animation tutorial – https://youtu.be/ .
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