• Thursday , 22 August 2019

5 big reasons the Opensource.com team is thankful

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In the past year, the open source community has helped publish more than 1,000 articles on Opensource.com. Thank you.

Thank you to our readers and open source community members who visit the site, share personal and professional experiences, and participate in online and in-person discussions.

Thank you to our writers and columnists for collecting, contributing, and sending us your articles, and for filling our days with “work” that is a refreshing mix of fun, fascinating, and inspiring story-telling. And thank you for trusting us to help tell your tales and share your insights.

Thank you to our community moderators, who devote countless hours to helping us grow and nurture the Opensource.com community, contribute hundreds of articles, guide the editorial direction, and help us set the tone for an inclusive, inviting place where open source communities can connect.

Thank you to our editors and colleagues who work behind the scenes to write, edit, review, and deliver high-caliber content for a diverse international audience.

And thank you to the thousands of project communities who collaborate to create innovative open source solutions that help us work, play, learn, and live better.

A year ago, Opensource.com received about 400,000 page views each month. Now we’re quickly approaching 700,000. We’re thankful you’re collaborating with us to help build the world’s premier open source story-telling platform.

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