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What are bootstrap alerts?
Bootstrap Alerts are used to provide an easy way to create predefined alert messages. Alert adds a style to your messages to make it more appealing to the users. There are four classes that are used within

Which are different alert classes in bootstrap?
Bootstrap 4 Alert CSS Classes
.alert Creates an alert message box
.alert-dismissible Indicates a closable alert box. Together with the .close class, this class is used to close the alert (adds extra padding)
.alert-heading Adds color:inherit to the specified element

Which bootstrap 4 class can be used to create successful alert?
Bootstrap 4 provides an easy way to create predefined alert messages. Alerts are created with the . alert class, followed by one of the eight contextual classes .

How do I use Bootstrap on my website?
Create First Web Page With Bootstrap
Add the HTML5 doctype. Bootstrap uses HTML elements and CSS properties that require the HTML5 doctype. …
Bootstrap 3 is mobile-first. Bootstrap 3 is designed to be responsive to mobile devices. …
Containers. Bootstrap also requires a containing element to wrap site contents.

How will you create a bootstrap dismissal alert?
Here’s how:
Be sure you’ve loaded the alert plugin, or the compiled Bootstrap JavaScript.
Add a close button and the . …
On the close button, add the data-bs-dismiss=”alert” attribute, which triggers the JavaScript functionality. …
To animate alerts when dismissing them, be sure to add the .

What is MB class in bootstrap?
It is used to create a bottom margin of 0 ( margin-bottom:0 ). You can see more of the new spacing utility classes here: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/utilities/spacing/ Related: How do I use the Spacing Utility Classes on Bootstrap 4

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