5 Helpful Portrait Photography Tips That Will Improve Your Images

The challenge of portrait photography is that beyond needing to master an array of technical things like lighting setups and often fairly intricate editing techniques, you also need to be able to make your subject comfortable in front of the camera, all while managing the photography side of things. If you are wondering how you can improve your own portraiture, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will give you five tips to help you take better images. 

Coming to you from Miguel Quiles, this great video tutorial will show you five helpful tips for improving your portrait images. One that I think is particularly salient is the importance of continuing to try new things. It can take a little while to finally dial in your lighting, posing, and editing just the way you like them, and as such, it can, in turn, be easy to fall into the habit of shooting the same sort of image over and over again simply because you are comfortable with it. Of course, if that is what is bringing in money for you, there is nothing inherently wrong with it, but if you want to continue to grow as a photographer, don’t forget to push yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while to see what else you can create. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Quiles. 

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