5 Helpful Tips for Photographing People Who Aren't Models

Most of us who shoot portraits do not work with professional models on a regular basis, and as such, it pays to know how to work with regular people to make them as comfortable as possible in front of the lens. If that is something you struggle with, this excellent video tutorial will give you five tips for taking better shots of regular people. 

Coming to you from Claudia Paul with B&H Photo and Video, this great video tutorial will show you five tips for taking better portraits of regular people. As you will notice, the tips are really not about gear or technique; rather, they mostly center on the psychology of image-making, namely making your subjects comfortable. One of the best headshot photographers I know makes all his sessions two hours long and spends the first 45 minutes simply conversing with his subject and getting to know them. He forms a genuine friendship with them, and that carries over to his shots, as they are far more comfortable by the time he actually picks up the camera. Check out the video above for lots of helpful advice from Paul.

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