5 Minute Lower Abs + Obliques Workout For SHREDDED Abs (ZERO EQUIPMENT!)


5Min “Do Anywhere” Lower Abs and Obliques Workout with ZERO EQUIPMENT ! Try this lower abs routine from the comfort of your own home or literally anywhere. I’m currently on day 25/75 of my shred and am starting to do daily ab training to keep my core tight and chiseled while I lower my daily calories. Your lower abs and obliques are a muscle just like your biceps, and they respond well to focused time under tension training. While this lower abs and obliques workout won’t “TARGET” lower belly fat, it will no doubt help you have a more impressive looking six pack when you start to shred down and get your body fat percentage closer to 10%

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Lower Abs and Obliques Workout with time stampers:

00:45 – Bicycle Crunch – Targets: Lower Abs, Obliques

01:00 – TIP: Keep feet about 6 inches off the ground and ALWAYS
Go back to the starting position.

01:30 – Bottoms Up – Targets: Lower Abs, Rectus Abdominus

01:45 – TIP: Keep your upper back against the ground
And use your lower abs to lift your legs and butt
Off the ground!

02:10 – Side Plank – Position ½
Targets: External Obliques

TIP: Keep your shoulders back and exhale
Slowly while keeping your core tight!

02:50 – Side Plank – Position 2/2
Targets: External Obliques

03:00 – I have 50 days left on my shred and I’m
Showing you guys how I do it!

03:30 – Regular Planks
Targets: Rectus Abdominus, aka “entire core”

03:45 – TIP: You can also place a weight plate on your
Lower back and do “weighted planks” to make them harder.

04:00 – Stomach Vacuums
Targets: Transverse Abdominals

04:30 – Tip: Go for 10-15 seconds at a time
And take short rests between to
Catch your breath!

05:20 – Iso Bicycle Crunch (Position ½)
Targets: Lower Abs, Obliques

05:30 – TIP: Always go back to the starting position
And never rush your reps taking tension
Off your core!

05:48 – Iso Bicycle Crunch (Position 2/2)
Targets: Lower Abs, Obliques

06:20 – Finishing Round of stomach vacuums
Targets: Transverse Abdominals

06:40 – Sorry for the short description.
I have a whole video dedicated to these soon!



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