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5 of the Best Selling Items on B&H Over the Holiday: Sales Trends With Deals Still Available

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With one of the shopping-heavy holidays down (and one on the horizon,) here are 5 of the best selling items on B&H recently.

As a Brit, Black Friday is still all a bit new to me. The furor around that oddly sacred day still baffles me, but it’s certainly one I pay attention to now as many of the deals have either spilled onto online retailers, or emigrated there entirely. This is then reflected in a sort of dichotomy where Friday takes the physical deals and Monday takes the online ones in the form of Cyber Monday. The truth is, most of last week had Black Friday sales and they carried on through the weekend, Monday, and some are still going.

However you may feel about the cascade of consumerism around this time, there are deals to be had if you were already looking at purchasing something, and the analytics always make for an interesting read. On that note, here are the sales trends on B&H over the recent holiday.

Sony are going from strength to strength, even allegedly pipping Nikon to rank 2 in the digital camera charts so this isn’t particularly surprising. The a7 series have sold tremendously well over the last several years and the cameras are undoubtedly at or around the top of the pile of mirrorless cameras.

It’s not all doom and gloom Nikon fans. People are indeed still buying DSLRs — despite what many might tell you — and it seems that Nikon are fighting fit in that category. With $500 off an already good price for such a strong camera, it’s no wonder the D750 did so well.

Camera bags are treated as everything from essential tools through to collectors items. Find the perfect one is tricky and different for every photographer. Most of us have gone through more than our fair share, but once you get it right, it’s so very sweet. The top selling backpack this holiday was by Manfrotto — usually famed for their tripods — with a heavily discounted camera and laptop bag for DSLRs.

The reason this particular laptop has become the best seller is no surprise. While it offers a strong spec with 16GB DDR4 RAM, an Intel i7, and a 512GB SSD, it also boasts the 360 degree hinge meaning it can be used as a normal laptop, a tablet, and several other configurations. If you pair this with the price being nearly half its usual retail, it’s no wonder it’s the top selling laptop and has limited stock.

Last but not least we have the best selling memory card which is the titanic 256GB 170MB/s SDXC by SanDisk. I remember when computers had less storage space than this card has, and almost certainly slower speeds. If you use SDXC cards, this will last you some time!

Did you get any great deals over the holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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