7 Easy Photoshop Tips To Make Your Composites More Realistic!


Check out these 7 amazing Photoshop tips in tricks to create more realistic composites!

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📘 INDEX – 7 Photoshop Compositing Tips & Tricks You (probably) Don’t Know!

00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – 01 – Apply Rim Lighting to a Composite
04:15 – 02 – Minimum Filter for Removing Mask Edge Halos
05:36 – 03 – Match Ambient Color
08:12 – MSI Creator 15 Laptop
09:14 – 04 – Matching Perspective
11:22 – 05 – Mask Hair From Difficult Backgrounds
14:42 – 06 – Harmonize a Composite with Camera Raw Adjustments
16:42 – Nvidia GPU
17:29 – 07 – Flip Horizontal View To Spot Mistakes
18:30 – Final Thoughts


MSI Creator 15 Laptop
► https://amzn.to/37gVR3h

Hair Masking Tutorial
► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8kUpM2Qaqo

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● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

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45 responses to “7 Easy Photoshop Tips To Make Your Composites More Realistic!”

  1. Jesus i owe you a massive thank you I've been using Ps for 6months but have made some exciting inroads thanks to your great advice its awesome to watch someone that has Masterd a program do there thing! I literally started my first composte today, timing my friend!

  2. High quality video as usual Jesus. Could you make a quick tutorial about your tip with the stamped layer and copy/pasting all layers into the smart object if you want to make changes after you've created a stamped layer …. I often have to do that but end up deleting layers and going back?

  3. Lmao Benny Productions will rather draw highlights directly 😂. And he’s very good at it. Although I think it’s more time consuming to draw the highlights directly by using an inverted HSL[colorize] adjustment

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