7 Filter Combinations for Different Landscape Photography Scenarios

Here are some filter combination recipes for different landscape photography scenarios.

Filters for landscape photography allow the photographer to infuse different effects and textures that can improve the overall visual design of the image. The proper use of filters can help one balance the exposure in a dynamically lit scene, and help put more emphasis to certain parts of the frame and lead the eyes of the viewers. Though there are many different variants from many different manufacturers of filters, the choice on which filters to use should always depend on what the photographer intends to do with the scene. The presence of moving elements such as clouds, water, people, or vehicular traffic can be used to create unique long exposure images to complement the main composition in the frame.

There is no such thing as a filter combination that works for every shooting scenario and learning, understanding, and mastering the use of filters come with a lot of practice, experience, and mistakes. This video gives some templates of combinations that beginner landscape photographers can try out when facing different lighting and environmental conditions and make use of them to come up with more compelling outdoor images. This video is a follow-up to the recent landscape photography filters crash-course video that I shared previously to help beginners understand how filters work and when specifically to use them. 

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