Adobe Photoshop 2022 Top New Features in 9 Minutes!

Adobe just released Photoshop 2022! This video will cover the top 5 new features and updates in Photoshop version 23.0.0!

In this video, we will look at some of the most significant new features like the Object Finder, Neural Filters, Mask All Objects, and so much more!

I hope this tutorial helps. Thank you for watching 🙂

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📘 INDEX – Photoshop 2022 New Features
00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Object Finder
02:10 – Mask All Objects
02:45 – Harmonization Neural Filter
05:12 – Landscape Mixer Neural Filter
05:48 – Commenting on Cloud Documents
07:14 – Paste Vectors from Adobe Illustrator
08:45 – In-App Tutorials
09:72 – Final Thoughts


In-App Tutorial Video

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40 responses to “Adobe Photoshop 2022 Top New Features in 9 Minutes!”

  1. As with every Photoshop major update, crashing is mandatory. When you try to open Photoshop, it says, "Something went wrong while syncing your presets. Please try to restart Photoshop to recover." No matter how many times I restart, it says this when it opens Photoshop. BEWARE PEOPLE. Backup your local user directory before updating. P.S. I have a very new computer that has had no problems until now.

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