Advanced Tank Rig for Maya | Maya Tank Rig Product | 3D Tank Model

Looking for an advanced tank rig for your project?

Advanced tank rig 2.0 is an updated version of my previous advanced tank rig that I did in 2009. This fully rigged tank boasts fully working treads, weight shifting, main gun recoil and a working machine gun with ejecting shell casings! This is now a production ready asset on the Turbosquid market place.

Tank available for purchase here:

Product details here (pdf):

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17 responses to “Advanced Tank Rig for Maya | Maya Tank Rig Product | 3D Tank Model”

  1. What a great job, I congratulate you, I am also wanting to animate a t-90 but I did it with mesh and the center wheels with the expression editor and some variables, but I have not managed to make the caterpillar and the wheels work together, 🙁

  2. Hi! your video is amazing! congratulations for such a good job! i wanted to know if you could help me too. I am making a robot that moves with caterpillars, similar to tanks . To try to make it I am following some tutorial on how to make a tank, to then export it to Unreal Engine. My problem is that at the time of exporting, I get an error. The error message says "Gimbal lock exist: The FBX file format cannot represent the transformation of some nodes in the scene due to the limitation of FBX SDK. To avoid this, adjust Bone binding matrices of the problematic Skins. The following Bones will have incorrect Bone binding matrices under the associated Skins:" and the names of the different bones come out.

  3. Really cool and comprehensive rig – well done. One question: If you are using MASH for the Threads like in a previous tutorial of yours, how do you link the drive sprocket wheels to the threads animation? I have yet to figure out how to link MASH curve animation speed with wheel rotation.

  4. hi, im really interested how you made the proxy, ie. organisation in ouliner, how you set up for switching to proxy in the attribute editor. i couldnt find any proper tutorials for creating proxies, expesially for hard surface not characters. im not worried about the modelling, but the rest

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