Affinity Photo 1.9 New features and tools 2021 | Affinity 1.9 Update tutorials Hindi

Affinity Photo 1.9 New features and tools 2021 | Affinity 1.9 Update tutorials Hindi
Affinity photo 1.9 new update is available you can update your existing affinity photo setup without pay any cost. what’s new in affinity photo 1.9 in Affinity photo 1.9 you will see some new features and impartment. Affinity photo 2021 update will change your photo editing experience. you will find some unique and rare photo editing functionality like live liquefy layers, Astrography stack.
So if you want to know affinity photo 1.9 release note and new feature you can switch time chapter below.
0:57 How to login Affinity Photo Account
1:30 Affinity photo 1.9 link layers
2:50 patterns layers
4:00 Autography stak
4:16 Live liquefy layers
5:27 Text on path
5:59 selection pixel brushes
7:05 divided Blend mode
8:03 preset studio
8:37 Hardware acceleration features
and you find more improvement and bug fixes in this update
Improved “Serif Labs” RAW engine including native CR3 support
Elliptical marquee automatically creates from centre
Hierarchical view
Configurable bleed and margin guide colours
Import multiple LUTS
Placed scale for all placed files, which allows scaling to be reset to 100%
Snap to pixel selection bounds
Added curves adjustment to the tone mapping persona
Added JPEG-XR 101010 import support (useful for screen captures from Xbox, etc.)
Added support for 12bit grayscale TIFF files
Added “Duplicate spare channel” to right click menu
Blend modes now work on “alpha only” layers (masks, adjustments, live filters, etc.)
Gradient map adjustments now support global colours
Filter effects now work properly with global colours
The Curves adjustment now has numeric field controls for precise positioning
Unable to use CMYK/LAB/GREY equations in a Live Procedural Texture
More filters now work on masks/adjustments / spare channels (Add Noise, Perlin Noise, etc.)
LUT adjustments can be exported directly from the adjustments panel, and batch imported from files
Added Canvas Rotation option to Preferences
Fixed Changing between RGB and CMYK sliders in Colour Chooser panel gives incorrect values
Fixed Moving a mask from a layer to the live stack group crashes the app
Unable to open.hey if there is a special character in the file path
Original file name no longer saved as “Title” in PDF, after renaming the file
TIFF file handling improvements
Fixed Tools getting stuck in the hand tool cursor after using spacebar + alt and click to zoom out
Hue shift slider background should not move with the slider
Creating or adding pixel selections from other layers to a selection also selects the respective layers
Various stability improvements
Help and Localisation improvements

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