An Introduction to Creative Portrait Techniques

Half the fun of shooting portraits is the veritable multitude of ways you can use photographic techniques and creative ideas to represent a person. This fun video will show you three such techniques that only require bare-minimum equipment and a subject.

Coming to you from Practical Photography, this video will show you three techniques for taking creative portraits: double exposures, using water drops on a window, and freelensing. While the first and last take a little trial and error before you’re able to accurately predict how a shot will turn out, you can generally get a feel for each technique in just a few minutes of shooting, and the results are well worth the quick learning curve. An extra tip: if you’re freelensing, try to use a wider portrait lens (notice how they use a 50mm lens) than you might normally; as you’re playing with the lens, it can be a bit tough to keep your movements subtle enough to dial in the exact composition and blur you desire, and a shorter focal length will have a less severe change for each such movement, making it a bit easier to employ the technique. Give them all a try this weekend!

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