An Overview of the Nikon D780

The successor to Nikon’s D750, one of their more successful full frame camera bodies, is here in the form of the D780 and here is what you need to know.

In this overview from the legend himself Ken Rockwell, you can bring yourself up to speed with the specs and updates for Nikon’s new DSLR (you’ll find his full write-up here). As one would expect, Nikon has attempted to make a number of quality of life improvements over the D750 by tapping some features from their own mirrorless line, the Z series. Overall, the D780 sounds like it more or less hits the right notes and is a functional upgrade to the previous iteration.

Myself being a D750 shooter with essentially zero complaints about the camera (seriously, I would strongly recommend the Nikon D750 to anyone looking for a full frame DSLR). I’m certainly keeping an eye on the D780 and I am curious to see how it performs both in terms of retail sales and as a potential new workhorse camera that (if anything like the D750) does pretty much everything well with the notable improvements made to video capability and live-view shooting.

The obvious question that I’m interested in answering is who is this camera for? If you did end up purchasing a Nikon mirrorless body, either the Z 6, Z 7, or new Z 50 crop sensor then this is probably not intended for you unless for one reason or another the DSLR is calling you back. If you have a D750, of which many, many people do as it is one of Nikon’s most well received cameras to date, then you’ll probably find yourself in the target audience as well as anyone in the market for a full frame DSLR. If you own a D750 (or really any Nikon camera for that matter) leave a comment with your thoughts on the D780. Is it something that at the very least has caught your attention?

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