[Animal rigging in maya tutorial]: How to make animal rigging (Lesson 1)


How to make animal rigs (Lesson 1) video shows, step by step, instructions on quadruped rig, here we are using a deer model which is not perfect, we are teaching rig tutorial not modelling so it is usable. You can use any type of model.
Always do some research on the anatomy of quadruped animals.
If you want to see more:
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The reason is rigging is based on the anatomy of character.
Here shows how to start the basic structure rigging process by creating joints from skeleton and the methods how you can find it in maya and set the correct joint orientations for them. Here I am not using any model because of I want to show you the actual structure rigging which helps you to understand the quadruped structure easily.

I am trying to teach you the steps to getting your characters ready to be animated in easiest way. In this video teaches the basics and clear, easy to follow, steps that any 3d enthusiast can follow.
This video has been made specifically for beginners, but can be followed by any knowledge level person.


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