Auto (Bird,Quadruped,Biped) Rigging In Maya -By Mohammad Jafarian – Auto Rig

Auto (Bird,Biped,Quadruped) Rigging

Maya Auto Rigging Features:

1.Adjustable with different (Biped,Bird,Quadruped)
2.Auto generation of controls
3.Low Geo creation & auto mirror
4.Easy skin (exclude skin vertex from legs,arms,…)
5.IK/FK Snapping
6.Knee & Elbow Locking
7.Bend Controls
8.Finger & Toe Controls
9.Mirror Pose on (Legs,Arms,Wings)
10.Reset Pose Individually (for legs,arms,wings,head,spine,tail) & All Controls
11.Head & Tail Control Lock(Rotation,Position)
12.Auto Skin Feathers (by Distance between Feathers Geo&Joints)
13.Easily Adjust Feathers with 6 Controls
14.Adjust All Feathers With Single Controls
15.Feathers Geo Creation
16.Wing Open Close By Fold Controls
17.Automation for Fly Cycle with Speed Variation
18.Automation for Walk Cycle & Run Cycle with Speed Variation,Foot Step,Curve for Path
19.Smart Save&Load Animation (Save&Load Good Work for Different Size of Characters) Auto Scale Translate Keys by Distance Between Leg,Hip,Chest
20.Friendly UI Selector


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