• Thursday , 6 August 2020

Autodesk Maya 2013 Tutorial – Character Modeling – body/arms/legs Part 1

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Download concept : http://3dextrude.weebly.com/download-files.html
Eduardo Vieira Artist : http://eduardovieira.deviantart.com/
Autodesk Maya 2013 Tutorial – Character Modeling Part 1- Box modeling the body, arms, and legs.

In this introductory tutorial I go over how to start a boxed modeled character. I start by showing you how to import and work with an image plane to use as reference. I will then move on to creating an initial primitive shape which will be used to model the character. Many of maya’s modeling tools are covered throughout the series.

Original Concept by Eduardo Vieira

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Here’s a list of useful shortcuts used in maya.

W- move
E- rotate
R- scale
G- repeat last command
q – exit tool
shift + . – grow selection
alt + b – change background color
f – fit to selection
ctrl + a – open attribute editor/channel box Create your own website : http://www.weebly.com/link/6KXeZQ


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