Autodesk Maya Parent Constraints Tutorial for Two-handed Sword/Weapon | HOW 2 ANIMATE

Autodesk Maya Parent Constraints Explained- Tutorial for Two-handed Sword/Weapon | HOW 2 ANIMATE – Learn how to set up a constraint system on a referenced character in maya 2017. This system will give you the flexibility to animate a two handed weapon attack whilst still maintaining the character hierarchy .

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16 responses to “Autodesk Maya Parent Constraints Tutorial for Two-handed Sword/Weapon | HOW 2 ANIMATE”

  1. Rigging is always so confusing. I don't understand the ending for my situation. I have the right hand parented to my staff with a locator setup. Now I can't figure out how to get the left hand to follow in IK. Sigh. I guess I will frame by frame it.

  2. Hi, was wondering if this is applicable to mocap data as well, for example I want to be able to constrain 2 hands to a ball in certain frames then loose the left hand and let it follow the mocap from there on. After few frames I want to constrain it once again. Hope am clear enough. Thanks

  3. having this issue where every little movement from the rest of the body will mess with the orientation of the hand (which is IK) ive been sitting here counter animating it but its still super jagged and messy

  4. For some reason the default effectors created by the HIK rig give a "cycle error" when you try to parent them to the null. I clicked "create pivot effector" under the controls section and turned up it's ik sliders, and for some reason this one allowed me to parent it without issue. Is the HIK rig super flawed or something?

  5. THE BEESSTTTTT!!!! thank youuuuu so muchhh . You dont know how much i appreciate this!

    but i need to ask you some questions with this video. why do you move the locator from the sword to the left hand? i understand that adding it as aparent(ADD no offset) it will put the locator on the sword pivot location but. why after you do the same on the hand? what is the sense of doing this with the same LOCATOR?
    and 4:24 constrain this 2 again.. which two? and which parents what? this is very confusing for me:D thats why i asked you too much because i saw in other videos and i cannot see what you press in some parts and i get lost:(.. but i think im gona achieve it soon THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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