Automatic MAYA Facial MoCap Blendshapes – GENERATOR

Some of you were wondering if the “Maya Version” of the Shapekey generator was available, and the answer is “Yes” – Here’s everything you need to know how to use it-!!

ArtStation Blendshape Generator Link:
Facial MoCap Promo Project:

ArKit Apple iphone Shape-Key Official Documentation:
PolyWink Services:
Faceit Blender Addon:

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18 responses to “Automatic MAYA Facial MoCap Blendshapes – GENERATOR”

  1. Link to Maya version on ArtStation here:

    Just to be clear, the extra assets included in the Maya version of this tool are the exact same as the information I showed you in this video:
    All I did was divide and organize it into pieces since it's very unlikely that the Maya community follows me here on YouTube the way the Blender community does. I didn't want to assume they have seen all my videos, so just in case, I added the video clips to help give them some direction if they get lost. But, it's the same information in a different form. If you have any Maya friends who are interested in Facial MoCap and have trouble creating the required Blendshapes, definitely let them know this exists if you get the chance –

    Next stop is the actual Motion Capture part, so I look forward to seeing you all there!
    Hope you have a Fantastic Day, and I'll see ya around –

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I am still learning how to use Maya and I'm a college student. Currently using Maya in one of my internship. But I have to say I have been using Blender for a long time and Blender is what got me into loving 3D modeling and animation workflow. I hope by learning Maya I will enter into an Animation studio professionally.

  3. so, maybe i missed this video… but something that you seemed to gloss over very quickly is the actual facial rig…

    you say "Just rig it"… but rigging a face is MUCH more difficult that rigging a body… Ive spent so much time smashing my head into the wall that is facial rigging to make it even "ok" while it seems like you always have perfects rigs…

    If you could show more in detail HOW you get such good rigs.. that would be amazing…

    I also see you use a lot of smash characters, and thats also a goal of mine… so i am somewhat familiar with their rigs… i know some come with very basic facial rigs already… do you use these? or create your own?

    idk if this makes sense, i hope it does, because this is the biggest bar to entry ive found… and i still dont know how you get such clean, consistent facial rigs…

    This is why all my animations wear helmets lmao XD

    But either way, sorry for the long comment, and thank you for your content and what you give to the blender community… You are amazing, and pretty much my Number 1 Blender Channel. Thank you!

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