Bamboo Modeling in Blender 竹 || Plant Modeling [Beginner Tutorial]

In this video, I will be showing you guys how to model bamboos 竹 in Blender, along with showing you how you can UV map the textures onto the mesh. This is incase you want to create a Japanese style interior decor, a zen garden scene, or any other type of project with bamboos involved. モデリング

So why bamboos? Well, bamboos can be used for a lot of things in CG scenes. It could be used as a part of an interior wall light (*cough* future video), it could be used as some exterior plants in a zen garden, it could also be used as a Japanese divider in an interior scene, or it could just be used to create backgrounds and wallpapers.

The process of 3D modeling bamboos and texturing them is actually pretty simple and can be done on any CG software (obviously). This tutorial will also teach you the basics of modeling objects as well.

The bamboos can be modeled as low poly, or high poly. I personally recommend using just low poly, unless if your going to have a close up frame or image of the bamboo. Keeping it at low-poly will keep it less busy and can help your software process the mesh quicker.

By the way, GOOD bamboo textures are extremely rare to find online, so if anyone has any texture of a bamboo that’s good, seamless, realistic, cartoony, or painted, please comment below download links for others to use (and me ha ha). This will help a lot!

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8 thoughts on “Bamboo Modeling in Blender 竹 || Plant Modeling [Beginner Tutorial]

  • May 14, 2019 at 09:27

    The nodes on the stalks could be made much faster. Edge mode before adding cuts, and then add cuts. That leaves you with edges that are already selected for the next step. Then bevel to width and changing to 3 loops, reduce selection by one Ctrl + (Numpad -), Alt-S to shrink/fatten outward. After shrink fatten, you can also bevel that edge again to round the profile if desired.

  • May 14, 2019 at 09:27

    Good tutorial, good advice on another speed model. But where did you get the texture for the bamboo?

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