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BEAUTY BLENDER | Favorites & Hate its

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Here’s your COMPLETE GUIDE on what to buy and where you should save your money on Beauty Blender products! Please click the like button and comment below what you’d like to see next week. Thanks so much for watching. xo’s ~ Tati

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✔ HOW TO CLEAN A BEAUTY BLENDER | Tip Tuesday #39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeX7EsX_6Do

✔ Scoot Barnes Glass Palette

Scott Barnes Glass Palette

Beauty Blender $20.00
Beauty Blender Pure $20.00
Beauty Blender Pro $20.00
Beauty Blusher $16.00
​Beauty Blender Micro Mini $18.00
Body Blender $28.00
Blotterazzi $20.00
Liner Designer $16.00
Liquid Blender Cleanser 5oz $18.00
Blender Cleanser Solid $18.00

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