Behind the Scenes of This Beautiful Short Film Shot on an iPhone 12

The power of modern phones when it comes to taking images and videos has been growing at an alarming rate. This short film, made for Apple, showcases just how professional a production can look.

I’m not particularly interested in which individual phone has the highest quality cameras. I’m also not particularly interested in the premise of things that are usually shot with high-end cameras being shot with an iPhone; it has been done to death. The sensors are strong enough that with the right set design and masterful lighting, videos can look superb. What I am interested in is the use of a phone as part of a videographer’s toolkit.

With incredible, crisp, OLED displays and the added perk of it always being on your person, modern phones have a chance to be a part of a photographer’s arsenal. In fact, the threshold of usefulness is much lower, given you can also use it to — you know — contact people. Both as external monitors, and indeed extra cameras, phones today are gradually wheedling their way above their original station. 4K video at 60fps is still a desirable combination that even fairly recent hybrid stills and video cameras don’t always have available.

This short film is of course attractive, but that speaks more to the set, actors, extensive lighting, and cinematography than it does the iPhone’s camera, which has been capable of this standard for some time now. My interest is how long it will be until mobile phones are just a standard part of a photographer’s kit, in one way or another.

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