Best Starter Lighting Kits for Beginner Studio Photographers

Who said you can’t create exceptional shots on a budget? Check out our range of Hypop starter lighting kits that will help your photos reach that professional level without denting your pocket. Our kits cater to a variety of niches including product photography, newborn photography, eCommerce photography, portrait and more so you can find one that’s perfect for you. Click the link below to browse 👇 #beginnerlightingkits #beginnerphotography #hypop

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0:00 Start
0:36 Introduction to Starter Lighting Kits
0:42 Twinkle Kit for Newborn Photography
1:13 Quad Head Kit for Baby Photography
1:39 Little Fashion Lookbook Kit for Children/Family Photoshoots
2:03 Cake Smash Lighting Kit for Children Photography
2:39 Illuminate Mate Kit for Flat Lay Photography
3:17 LinkedIn Kit for Events/Commercial/Corporate Headshots
3:44 Work Hustle Kit for Product Photography
4:00 Kontent Kube Kit for eCommerce Photography
4:33 Continous Starter Lighting Kits for Video Production
4:55 Features of Starter Lighting Kits
5:05 Softbox Lighting Features
5:13 Umbrella Lighting Features
5:22 Positioning the Light
5:40 Continous Lights Colour Temperature
5:50 Starter Lighting Kits Light Bulbs
6:09 Versatility
6:41 What’s Included?

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Our Main Lights: “DUO” Spectrum Pro S-BEAM 150 Light Kit
Our Hair Light: 9″ Crystal Luxe with Sony NPF Battery
Background Lights: 13″ Duo Crystal Luxe Kit

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