• Thursday , 6 August 2020

Blender 2.72 Tutorial – Create a Snowy Moonlit Landscape

Code Canyon


In this tutorial I demonstrate techniques for simulating snow covered trees, how to use sun rays, how to add stars in a night sky, how to add tracks in the snow and simulate snow collecting at the base of particle trees.

***Errata*** – At about 23′ I connect a Yellow Texture node output to a Green Mix node input. I should have put a Diffuse Shader node between them (it has a yellow input and green output node).

Link to rabbit track image (created by me, Sardi Pax and released for any purpose under Creative Commons by Attribution Licence) – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzb8oGli1ADDT2F1VXotZzF3c2c/view?usp=sharing

Intro music by Sardi (me)


3d Ocean

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