• Saturday , 8 August 2020

Blender 3D 2.62 Cycles Tutorial – Eliminate Graininess (remove pixelation cycles with menu settings)

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Hi YouTubers!

This tutorial covers the graininess associated with cycles which can easily be fixed.

This is my first Blender 3D tutorial. I have been teaching workshops to middle school and high school students at Build-It-Yourself and for myself this past year. I have decided to apply for my Blender Training Certification and to start helping others learn Blender via the internet.

My website is currently under reconstruction – http://imagelucidity.com

The reconstruction is currently able to be viewed here – http://imagelucidity.com/log/demo.php

This works on Blender 2.63 and any cycles build out thus far – 5/9/2012


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