Blender 3d: Hard Ops Add On Public Demo (0.0.6)

So hard ops is now at version 006! Thanks to a fantastic team of people all over the world I am pleased to show you hard ops in it’s current state. New menus, panels, insert menus, pies, and adding meshes to face selections to name a few. Credits to MKB, Wazou, IS, and AR for their assistance on this huge update. I hope all you operatives are enjoying it.

Pick up hard ops! Still on sale!

Theres also a thread about it over at BA.

12/12 silent updates to gumroad package.
More insert meshes, cslice (F6 menu), panel changes, link urls in description, credits update,

Current Bounty: (resolved)
I want to add meshes that use a plane for snapping to level with a cutcube as well as an underlying buckle.


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