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Blender 3D is a Useful Tool For Designers

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What is Blender 3D? It is a very cool open source 3D modeling, rendering and animation program. It is very powerful and comparable in function and performance to commercial 3D applications.

In my opinion, it can be a very useful tool for designers. It is powerful enough to be used in a commercial production environment.

The following are my opinions of the types of creative field that can use this free open source application.

1. Interior design is a field concerned with elements that is found inside a space. This includes spaces within houses and buildings. An interior designer is a person who is skilled in this field. Interior Designers can use Blender 3D to create photorealistic architectural visualizations of buildings, interiors, and environmental scenery.

2. Game design. Blender has an inbuilt game engine. Thus it allows games to be directly created from it.

3. Graphic design encompasses several artistic and creative fields which focus on visual communication and presentation. A professional in this field must know how to use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques creatively to create the final result of the project. Graphic designers can use Blender 3D to create graphic visuals. The Toon shader allows 3D renderings to look more like 2D illustrations. This can proof to be useful for graphic creation.

4. Industrial Design is the creative segment of product creation. In this modern age, the ideation of products are done using 3D software. Industrial designers can use Blender 3D for conceptualization and rendering of product concepts.

As you can see, despite being free, Blender is a very useful tool for creative work. Thank you for reading.

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