Blender 3D Tutorial – MakeHuman, How to use MakeClothes for Hardbody Assets by VscorpianC

Blender 3D & Make Human; Learn how to use MakeClothes to create and save hard-body assets like body armor, backpacks, eye-glasses etc. save to MakeHuman library for your 3D Characters. Then export animation ready human models with gear to Blender, Unity, Second Life. VscorpianC

Blender 3D and MakeHuman programs can be downloaded and used freely because it’s open source software.


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  1. please dont delete my bookmarks.. at least for a while.. I need them and VCPlayer don't let you make permanent book marks..or else I'd just bookmark the DL'd version of the video. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Can you simply import assets, say from CGTrader or BlenderSwap? Then fit them with MakeClothes? I want to make a Roman Armor outfit.. a Roman character outfit for MakeHuman. thanks for making your videos!

  3. Oh common, your tutorial is so long and pointless. I saw your another videos and they have the same same same basic instructions like, always unwrap, always remove the doubles, always need a one texture, choosing meshes. You always telling us the basic of blender and makehuman. I know it's for beginners but my point is you can have lesson plan, don't repeat the instructions and the basics blender and makehuman. If you want, you can have one video for that. You know makehuman is much advance because you need to learn first the essential of the blender. So it's a commonsense that we know, us the viewers, that before we move to makehuman, we need to learn the basics of the blender. Organize your video tutorials, Rehearse before taking a video, Make some queuing, Watch or read some tutorials on how to do it.

  4. hey i saw mot of your tutorials for makehuman and blender and so many thanks .. i have a question or request, can you make a tutorial for new Hair for makehuman ? because you know makehuman don't have a variety of prefab Hair

  5. Pretty Cool! Thanks! Hey…I downloaded your tutorial on gimp nodes before I saw the DO NOT DOWN LOAD warning! Ooopps! I wanted to let you know so that I can stop peeking out the bedroom window and I can turn the house lights back on. :O)   Anyway…SORRY!

  6. thanks.  you just saved me a lot of frustration in the coming weeks.  your previous tutorial on making clothes helped me greatly.  made some outfits with really terrible textures but fit the makehuman character, even got the thumbnails to work.  i was about to move on to jewelry and glasses and such using the clothes tutorial info.   so glad you got this out.

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