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Blender Glass tutorial – How to Create Glass in Blender(Cycles blender glass material)

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This Blender Glass tutorial demonstrates you how to create glass in blender using cycles rendering engine.learn how to create blender glass material using the cycles materials.

blender version 2.71 was used to model the wine glass and cycles rendering engine was used for rendering.

In this tutorial, i will show you how to create glass in blender and how to make glass material look better by tweaking the IOR (Index Of Refraction).
I will also show you how to make different shapes of wine glasses using the “Proportional editing tool” which is very useful tool for modifying the shape of object.

We are going to create a scene setup including the proper lighting.
Most of the beginners don’t see good result even after setting the exact glass material values.
This is because the lighting is not proper and the glass’s reflection could not react properly because of poor lighting.

In this blender glass tutorial, you will discover how to properly set up the scene which gives us good result.

If anyone asks how to make glass in blender, my advice would be to concentrate on mainly lighting and secondly on IOR.

You can play with the IOR (Index Of Refraction) and roughness values of your blender glass material, and also play with the color of glass material to fit your needs, and to generate more realistic results.

In this tutorial, i will only show you how to make glass in blender and how to create glass material in blender cycles and create wine glass. I will not show how to make actual “wine”/liquid.

this is a good start for beginners who are new to the cycles materials.

so, learn, open up the blender, and try it yourself today.

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  1. Sam Dave Pollard
    September 28, 2017 at 18:54

    Nice one.

  2. JustBen
    September 28, 2017 at 18:54

    This is a LOT easier if you use the screw modifier. Get the "Add Mesh: Extra Objects" addon in user preferences, make a single point, then model half of what you want it to look like. Then add the screw modifier to make it a fully cylindrical

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