Blender is Better than Maya: Part 1

This first video introduces Blender as a 3D game Asset creation tool that is faster and more powerful than Maya from core to surface level.

Note: These comments are meant for 3D artists committed to fully immersing themselves in the programs compared. At first look, Blender has a radically different setup and hotkey list. But if you’re in 3D graphics long term you’ll understand that a program optimized for performance is more important than it being slightly easier to pick up right away.

Also for both Blender and Maya I use a highly customized workflow with custom UI setup and additional hotkeys for both.

If you want to see what my Hotkey setup for Blender is all about download the hotkey setup Here:

Please feel encouraged to leave comments and questions whether you’d love to hear more or think I need to stop talking. Thanks!

Also I’m sorry I only had screencap of Maya 2013, even though we’re at 2015 now- My student free trials of 2014 expired. I don’t think I went over anything that had been changed, but if I f’d up please leave a comment.

Also Blender hotkey graphic:


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