Blender Tutorial – Basic Camera and Scene Setup

In this introductory tutorial for new Blender users, I show you how to get control of your camera so you can create a simple animation within the scene. Blender 2.65.


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  1. does the camera sensor effect anything? say i wanted to make a big scene where the camera fly through, and if I scaled up the mesh say a ocean mesh, enlarging that effects the resultion, so wondering about this sensor setting

  2. Thank You so much. Very quick, concise yet understandable! This has helped me start using important "unknown to me" techniques in Blender that your good video presented clearly. I was about ready to give up on the blender platform, and reduce my potential by trying again to get somewhere with watered down/trial-ware corporate bloatware. Don't have the cash for the known pro commercial platforms at this time, and it appears blender can do it all, but it's not a "Windows program", which I am familiar with. Your results and choice to use it give me confidence that it's an excellent choice irregardless of cost.

    Thank You

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