Blender Tutorial: Car Animation – How to model Car Path (Array & Curve Modifiers)

Key points discussed…are at Timestamps below (Part 3 of Car Animation 5 min Tutorials)

00:00 Intro
00:25 Add a curve (nurbspath)
01:00 Working with the curve
02:05 Add a plane, scale & use Array, Curve modifier to generate path
02:55 Blender Quick tips video: Curve modifier transform issues solved (reference)
03:20 Conclusion

Tip: Before applying any modifiers, Subdivide the plane using loop cuts and use Merge option in the Array modifier to get a much smoother car path.
(Reference video:

Blender Curve Modifier Quick tips video:

This is part of the 5 min tutorial series Car Animation in Blender. In this video, I discussed how to create Path for car animation. Stay tuned and enjoy the video.

Playlist for the 5 min tutorial series Car Animation in Blender:

Part 1: Separating meshes & moving object origins for Rigacar addon
Part 2: How to Install Rigacar addon & generate Car Rig
Part 3: How to model Car Path using Array & Curve Modifiers
Part 4: Steering, Wheel rotation on Car Path using Rigacar addon
Part 5: Bumpy road using Displace Modifier on the Car path
Part 6: Car drift & Body roll using Rigacar addon
Part 7: Cinematic Camera setup using Track to & Follow path Constraints
Part 8: Slamming on the Car Brakes using Rigacar addon

Blender Editor Types used: 3D Viewport

Blender Properties used: Modifier

Blender version: 3.0

Blender Addons:
Assets: BlenderKit
Car Rig: Rigacar

Laptop: Asus Vivobook S (Intel i5 and Nvidia MX150 graphics)
Digital Pad: Ipad pro 2020 and Easy canvas app
Cloud: AWS EC2 (Amazon Web Services)
Audio and Video recording: Dolby IO app on iPhone 12 Pro max and iPad Pro 2020
Editing: Blender, iMovie and Adobe Premiere Rush

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Music: Epidemic Sound


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