Blender Tutorial – How to make a Minecraft Rig – Modeling [1/4]

**Sorry for the low framerate in this video… my recorder messed up!
Today, we begin modeling our Minecraft character rig in Blender! In this mini tutorial series, we will model the character, texture the character, rig the character, and create a facial rig using Shape Keys! Enjoy!

Blender 2.78c

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27 responses to “Blender Tutorial – How to make a Minecraft Rig – Modeling [1/4]”

  1. why is it every time I follow any form of blender tutorial I hit a snag.
    Like this tutorial, I create the model, then subdivide the arms and put the cursor and pivot point to the selected vert but when I go to rotate it, it ends up rotating with a slight twist causing the arm (hand end)  to move across towards the chest and not along the side.

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